The Aethi Imperium is an interstellar empire in the Alpha Quadrant, and the official state of the Aethi race. It encompasses a large area of space surrounding the Elii/Aethis System, and includes several protectorates, including the Valleth-Akhar Federation, the United Planetary Republic of Iala, and others.

History Edit

Prior to the Aethi Imperium's founding, Aethis was split up into several continental factions, themselves alliances composed of individual countries.

Shortly after Saeaan Union scientists developed warp travel, Aethis encountered its first extraterrestrial threat in the form of the Esonar, who intended to exploit the planet and its residents for resources and labor. The ensuing conflict devastated several areas of Aethis , including its former primary spaceport on Ithal Island, off of the easternmost part of Saeaan, and left the planet's space and military infrastructure in ruins. In a stroke of extreme luck for Aethis, the Esonar themselves were threatened by the Borg, forcing them to pull their invasion forces out of Aethis and leave it nearly forgotten while the Esonar fought for their own survival against the Borg forces appearing from the Delta Quadrant.

During this period, a young Isaani leader, Athad Irias'keior, rose up and for the first time rallied the planet's citizens under one banner - the blue "Four Corners' Star" that has since remained the world's symbol. Under his leadership, Aethis rebuilt a new, unified military force, adapting Esonar technologies and creating a far more advanced fleet of ships. It also expanded its spheres of influence, establishing bases in other systems, trading with nearby races and forming alliances. When the Esonar finally pushed back the Borg in Earth's late 2130s and turned their attention back towards colonization and expansion, the Aethi imperium was already a formidable faction spanning from what would later become border systems of the Klingon Empire, to the borders of the Delta Quadrant.

While Aethis developed high-speed warp drive and other advanced technologies earlier than Earth, a long period of stagnation in the 23rd century resulted in the Romulan and Klingon empires, as well as Federation Starfleet, catching up with or even surpassing Aethi technologies in some areas. However, the Aethi still have advanced in some areas to a degree that others have not, such as graviton manipulation.

Government Edit

The central Aethi government is composed of the Aethi emperor, the Imperial Hall (composed of the elected Representative Assembly and the Emperor's selected Imperial Council), and the elected Aethi High Tribunal, the Imperium's highest court. The Aethi Daiun'Areni, or Charter of the Empire, is a constitutional document that outlines the specific powers of the Emperor and some of those of the Council and High Tribunal (The rest defined later by the Three Articles of Viarai).

The Aethi government is based in Viarai City. The Emperor resides in the central part of a two-spired structure called the Il'Dasar, or Shining Towers. The Imperial Hall, where the legislative body of the same name meets, is located nearby, as is the "Ataaza" (more properly Ataaza Court Hall) which houses the Aethi High Tribunal.

Military Edit

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The Aethi military is composed of the Aethi Star Navy, also known as the Aethi Stellar Navy or Aethi Stellar Fleet, along with the Star Marines and the Imperial Legions, which compose the Aethi ground forces. The Order of Elii functions as the main Aethi state internal peacekeeping force.

Territory Edit

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