Aethis is an M-class planet, located in the Elii system in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. It has reached a technological level effectively equivalent to that of the Romulan Empire. Aethis is the capital and central world of the interstellar Aethi Imperium.

Geography & Climate Edit

Aethis is largely arid to semiarid, with most of its surface being covered in deserts and grassy plains. However, marshes, forests, and even small areas of dense jungle exist on the planet as well.

The planet is divided into four continents - Saeaan, Isaana, Yien Vuura, and Naralaan - and harbors three main oceans: the Kelhaad Ocean (Kelhaadi'Eren) south of Saeaan, the Great Ocean (arai'Eren) between Saeaan and Yien Vuura, and the Southern Ocean, which - similar to Earth's Southern Ocean - is located south of the continents and encircles the planet's southern polar ice cap.

Aethis has many mountainous regions, including the Central Mountains of Saeaan, the Silver Mountains of northern Yien Vuura, and Isaana's Varaali'Tasan and Tasan Estael.

As much of the world's flora is in shades of red, orange, and tan, from afar the planet appears completely devoid of vegetation to humans and others accustomed to green plant life.

Government Edit

Aethis's primary planetary government is the Aethi Imperium. However, the various individual nations of Aethis are still allowed to persist, and given a large amount of right to self-rule, so long as they do not maintain an individual military, wage war against other nations, or rebel against the Imperium. (The nations can, however, maintain their own peacekeeping forces, within size limits imposed by the Imperial Council based on the size and population of the nation.)

Map Edit