The Ariol Domain is an theocratic interstellar empire consisting of the entirety of the Azil 6 star cluster (Known to the Ariol as the Gir-gil-Arios, or Haven of Arios) along with some surrounding systems. They have made several attempts to invade nearby Aethi and Veridias space, mostly ending in failure - the Veridias Union lost Kellidat, a minor mining system at the border of Ariol space, however all other incursions were turned back by Veridias or Aethi forces.

History Edit

Due to their living in a star cluster and having spent a longer time assuming they were the only sentient species in the universe than most, the Ariol developed into a xenophobic, highly religious race that believes itself superior and chosen above all other races of the galaxy.

A 'Gift from the Heavens' Edit

The Ariol Domain's path to stellar conquest began when an unmanned Iali test shuttle crashed on their planet following a freak accident involving its FTL drive computer. The shuttle had been somehow impacted by a micrometeorite during the subspace transition in a way that fractured the computer's crystalline structure; resulting in the shuttle being thrown far off course before the computer's self-healing could kick in and was dragged into the Ariol gravity well. Due to the circumstances of the crash, the shuttle landed, perfectly intact, with a bright flash of white light, leading the Ariol to believe it a gift from Arios, their god. After reverse-engineering its systems and combining them with their own technology, the Ariol managed to create their own fleet of craft.

For more details/notes on Ariol technology, see Ariol technology.

Culture Edit

All aspects of Ariol culture are shaped by their religion. Everything from their clothing, to meal times, to even how one should walk are based on some part of their holy scriptures or some holy pronouncement by a past or present religious leader, believed to be passed down from Arios himself.