• Ithirahad

    On the Arkil Kuyit

    November 8, 2017 by Ithirahad

    Ithirahad: We generally leave dealings with Kuyit to Veridias, as they are often... troublesome, and hardly worth our time. As it would happen, though, we needed to secure a deal for a special material that none of our mines have.

    Ithirahad: So off we went, and, predictably enough, it was troublesome, and hardly worth our time. Indeed, they argued about how much until everyone's beard drags upon the ground, and Aethi beards do not grow quickly.

    Saye: Pay them enough and it's not a problem. I've never known them to break a bargain once made. And they're the best builders and craftsmen I know.

    Ithirahad: Enough... yes. Paying them "enough," by their reckoning, might have increased Kuyit's mass enough for their lower moon to be pulled from orbit…

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