Notable Flora Edit

Notable Fauna Edit

  • Kelzhaia - Bioluminescent stinging insectoid from the southern foothills of the Silver Mountains in Yien Vuura. Has a blue light on its tail, and tiny yellow lights along its wings.
    • A class of unarmed warp ship currently in service was named after the Kelzhaia.
  • Ajir - Scaly but Manta Ray-like sea creature of the Crescent Sea between Isaana and Yien Vuura. Also written Aajir.
    • The Ajir-class Destroyer was named after a famous Isaani naval destroyer, which was in turn named after these creatures.
  • Arkanras - Black, furry mammalian with an armadillo-like shell. When rolled up, the arkanras is capable of surviving very long falls.
    • Earth's armadillos are referred to in Aethi as "Terran arkanras" - arkanras'taeri.